Anja 1111: Empowering & Awakening You to Greatness

Anja 1111: Empowering & Awakening You to Greatness

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Hi and welcome to Anja 1111! I am so delighted to see you here! My name is Anja and I’m a spiritual life coach, energy healer, YouTube creator and I create healing sounds and meditations. I’m from the Netherlands where I live with my 2 dogs and a couple of funny birds.

My biggest passion in life is to assist you in your spiritual awakening process. And to support you to become a conscious creator of your own reality.


Anja 1111 knows that You already create your own reality!

But most people are not aware of that. Once you do, you can create a magic life with the Law of Attraction. And all you need to do is to learn how to do that. And then magical doors will open up for you. Your life will be incredible! And better and better every single day. I feel so blessed to be your guide in the dark. So you can walk your own path again after I showed you how.


Anja 1111 wants to bring Clarity in the Darkness of the Matrix…

There is a lot of confusion about how this works. And I know this from my own experience. My own spiritual awakening already started as a young child. I was able to see energy and I was born clear voyant and High Sensitive. And I also knew there was more to life then the matrix we live in. But being aware and knowing this from deep inside was only the first step. Once you realize all of this, the real journey starts.

And there is so much information. It can be a tough journey in your search for true information, that really assists your growth. I’v been there and done it all! And found my way back to the light. Where I nowadays live…

Are you ready to join this path with me?


Anja 1111 wants you to have a great life too

Everything that you want is available to you. But you have to learn how to align with your dreams, goals and desires. You are not a victim of the outside world around you. Everything happens from within you. And not from without… But you learned to believe in the illusion that the world is happening to you. They were wrong. The idea that all is happening to you creates a victim mentality. It makes you powerless and fearful. Pretty depressing don’t you think!

But like I said: it’s an illusion that others do things to you. Or that life happens to you. It’s false! You can be, do and have all that you want. All that you’re dreaming of. The Power is yours!


Anja 1111: Awakening your Greatness from within!

I was already creating English videos on the Anja 1111 YouTube channel and I thought: why not create a beautiful website for my wonderful subscribers! And of course for all other people that find their way to this place. A place where I really want to help you to become the True You. Because you deserve it all. And I want to awaken you to your Divine Greatness. To empower you to reconnect to your heart. So you realize again that all creations are yours. To lighten up that Divine Sparkle deep down inside.  And to reconnect you with your  True Self: Your Soul/Higher Self.


You have so much more power than you think you have!

And at Anja 1111 you will rediscover your life’s purpose. The reason why you’re here on Earth.  Because I want you to sparkle and shine again into the bright star that is waiting to come out. It’s waiting to emerge. Will you let it?

I wish you a wonderful stay here. If you have any questions and/or want to share something with me, please feel free to do so! I’m more than happy to help you. And I will always answer your questions personally. You matter to me!


Peace, Blessings, Light & Love to You beautiful Soul! And a Big Hug!


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