How to Deal with Being an Empath: Embrace Your Gifts!

How to Deal with Being an Empath: Embrace Your Gifts!

How to Deal with Being an Empath is a question many empaths ask themselves. In this picture you see a very sensitive red head woman, that has all the traits of an empath. It's the cover image of my article. If you need help for free, go read it.Many empaths don’t know how to deal with being an empath. And this is not so strange, because it can be a real lonely journey. They don’t teach you such strategies for this at school. Empaths often feel lonely and misunderstood by others that don’t have this wonderful gift. You can feel so isolated and miserable, because it may look like you’re the only one. Or you start doubting yourself and wonder if you are crazy.

Especially the fact that most empaths picks up energies and usually stack it all up in their system, creates often feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, stress and even depression. But being an empath doesn’t have to be a struggle!

I’m here to help and offer you free strategies and support. Because Knowledge is Power. It gives you back control over your life. And this is not so hard to do. All you need is the right tools, tips and strategies, so you can start embracing yourself and your Soul’s mission on this planet again. Because being an empath is part of the reason why you are here! It’s not meant to be a painful struggle. But to bring out the best in yourself, others and to offer healing, comfort and support to those in need.

In other words: being an empath should be an enlightening experience. For yourself and for others that you connect with. You have a beautiful inner light. Are you willing to let it shine?


How to deal with being an empath video on YouTube. In the picture you see a woman who faces the sun, with her eyes closed. She has long brown hair. It's obvious that being in nature relaxes her. Something empaths need!Video: How to Deal with Being an Empath & start Loving Your Gift(s)

I created a video on YouTube where I explain more about how to deal with being an empath. You can find it by clicking here.


How to deal with being an empath: I am an empath too & I Love it!

Because I am an empath myself, I really can relate to you. Especially if you are struggling right now. Believe me: I’ve cursed my gifts countless times. Many times I even wanted to stop being an empath. I have been at points in my life that I wanted to give up. But luckily I found a way out.

And you can do it too. Yes you can! I’ve done the same. If I can do it, so can you. I’ve been where you are right now. All you need is the right empowerment & learn how to deal with being an empath. The right strategies are important. So let’s go into that right now. Are you ready?


How to Deal with being an Empath: Are you an Empath?

Being an empath is not the same as being a High Sensitive Person (HSP). Although there are many things that empaths and High Sensitive People have in common, there are also many differences. For example: empaths absorbs all energy they meet. Not only feelings, emotions, pain and struggle from other people. But the entire “energy cake” so to speak. As an empath you’re able to sense energy and not only that: it can feel like it’s yours.

Empaths often have psychic gifts as well. High Sensitives usually don’t (although there are exceptions of course). And empaths have a strong gut feeling, also known as intuition. Does that resonate with you? Below are a few other signs that all empaths share in common.


How to Deal with Being an Empath: Picking up energies around you, this woman definitely needs a break and is sitting in nature on the ground, it looks like she's meditating.How to deal with being an empath: Picking up what other people feel and think

You don’t only sense and feel what’s happening inside others. But you also pick it up, you absorb it on auto pilot. It can feel like your own thoughts, feelings and emotions.

This is often very confusing for empaths. And especially when you haven’t learned how to deal with being an empath, it can be very hard to distinguish what’s yours and what belongs to other people.

Pain from other people that feels like it’s your own…

Everything people think, feel, say, etc. is stored in the energy fields that surround us on a 24/7 basis. And as an empath you’re like an “energy sponge”. You are open to all these vibrations, often without even knowing it. You can’t really escape them. Because they’re always there.

All of the often you might be overwhelmed with strange feelings and sensations that are not yours. But they feel so real that you may think they are. While nothing is wrong with you. Many empaths already found out about that. Because they for example go to the doctor’s office to check up on symptoms they’re experiencing. The doctor won’t find anything. Because it’s energy from other people.

That’s a tough one for many empaths. And it definitely takes time to learn what is yours and what belongs to others.


How to deal with being an empath: Feeling like you don’t belong on this planet

Many empaths go through this. They often feel isolated and misunderstood. Can you relate to that? It can be hard and feel lonely when others don’t understand what you’re going through. And they really don’t, because they don’t share your gift. To other people you might look a bit “nutty”. Often others are afraid of you, because they can sense you’re different. They can’t relate to the way you perceive the world.

And when you don’t feel understood and people treat you like you’re crazy, you feel like nobody wants you. While you need Love and support, just like everybody else. You might feel like an alien on planet Earth. It can be very frustrating that others simply don’t get it. And it can also make you doubt yourself. Because when so many people treat you like a strange person, you might easily fall in the trap of thinking they’re right. You even might start doubting your mental health. Please don’t. You are not crazy!


Empaths put others on the first place and want to heal suffering and pain

You are very sensitive and spiritual. Because you pick up energies you also want to heal the pain other people carry. This is part of your mission here. To heal the world. But often empaths forget to put themselves first. You can only heal and bring light to the world if you are aligned with your own wholeness. And the same goes for spreading Love & Light. Because if you don’t deeply Love yourself & found your inner sparkle, it’s impossible to help others do the same.

Besides these noble intentions it’s important that you’re grounded and strong. Which is only possible when you are living from a place of Light & Love from within. As within so without… You want to be a Powerful empath and Powerful people are living the Light, Love & Joy they wish to share. Otherwise they risk a spiritual and mental burn out…


How to deal with being an empath: Light, noises, smells and foods

How to Deal with Being an Empath: Light and Noises are often overwhelming to empaths, a place like this, a concert with many lights and lots of noise is the nightmare of many empaths
Light and noises: a concert is not the place for empaths to hang out

Because empaths are so sensitive to energy, they usually are oversensitive to light, noises, smells and foods. You can really suffer when there is a lot of noise around you. Especially artificial light is a nightmare. And the same goes for smells like perfume, chemical smells like air fresheners and other substances that are not natural. That is because as an empath you perceive all of these amplified big time.

Foods can be a real big problem too. You are at a higher vibrational level and thus your body vibrates in the same way. So it’s not so strange that you can’t eat junk food for example. Or foods that are not natural and organic in general.

Many empaths also have gluten intolerance or even gluten allergy. Sugar drives you crazy. And all these things together can really make you suffer if you’re not aware of the fact that you’re oversensitive to all of them.


How to deal with being an empath: Being a target for negative energies

You as an empath are vibrating light by nature. And you want to spread that inner light. This makes you a threat to dark forces, negative energies and astral beings with bad intentions. Because they live of negative energy in others. As an empath you naturally have the ability to heal these negative energies in others. It’s part of your job on this planet. And when you do, you take away the “snacks” of these dark and negative beings. They’re always on the look out for people who are suffering. Because that is their dark source of energy. These beings are energy vampires.


How to Deal with Being an Empath: being a target for negative energies: the man in the picture looks overwhelmedBecause you’re a threat to their “energetic food supply”, they attack you. Their intention is to bring you down to the negative vibration they need to survive. When you are down, feeling bad, anxious, depressed, etc. they can “eat” from your energy. And if you’re in such a vibration, it’s impossible for you to heal and send your Light & Love to others.


This is something many empaths are not aware of! It’s important to understand this. It is part of how to deal with being an empath. I don’t mention this to scare you. But to make you aware. The more you learn about this, the better you can protect and shield yourself. Which is vital if you want to be a “Power Empath”.


Empaths want to help others & the planet

As an empath you are gifted. You are a powerful healer and messenger of light. Your drive to help is beautiful. And it’s part of the Blessings of being such a beautiful, intuitive person. Because you are! Never forget that. Empaths all do have this in common. You hold a treasure inside that not many are blessed with.

Not every empath practices the beautiful gifts they were born with. But we share the fact that we potentially have them. A seed that can’t wait to grow. It’s that drive deep inside your soul. A higher calling is another way to describe it. And maybe it’s time to listen to that voice that’s calling. It’s no coincidence you’re here!


How to deal with being an empath: Tips and Tools to make your Life easier!

Especially when you never learned how to live a happy life as an empath, being one can be a struggle. You face many challenges. And if you don’t learn how to deal with them, your life is all about suffering. Many empaths even want to get rid of their gifts. They’re searching for the button to turn them off, but that’s not the solution.

Learning how to deal with your challenges is much better. It can be done and it’s not so difficult as you might think. But you gotta do it! Being an empath is something you’re born with. And besides that: it’s a skill. You can learn how to master it.


How to deal with being an empath: Dealing with being Overwhelmed

Because you’re an empath you are attracting all kinds of energies like a sponge. And if you don’t learn how to cleanse your energy, you suffer big time. From anxiety to depression, fatigue and overwhelm. These are all serious signs that you are not cleansing your energy. And that you need to learn how to shield and protect yourself. Otherwise you risk “energy pollution”. This can, in the long term, cause many problems on all levels.


Video: Are You Feeling Overwhelmed? Why that is & what to do about it!

How to deal with being an empath & Overwhelm. In this video on YouTube I share a powerful exercise that will help you get over it and feel good again!I created a video on YouTube with a powerful exercise that assists you big time, when you feel overwhelmed by all the energies that are drawn to you. It’s a painless exercise that will bring you so much peace of mind and will empty your sponge. I am sure you will Love it. And it’s not even so hard to do. All it takes is a little time for yourself and you deserve that. You can find the video right here.

Enjoy and let me know if it has helped you in the comments!


How to deal with being an empath: Learn and Master Your Shielding Skills

Cleansing your energy is really important as an empath. You need to do it on a daily basis. Otherwise you will feel worse and worse in time. Energy cleansing is a basic skill you need to master. And so is shielding your energy. You have a beautiful gift, but it doesn’t mean it has to be turned on 24/7 in every situation. You need to learn to control this. This will prevent unwanted, negative energies coming into your field. Energy from others and even those from dark forces and beings no matter where they come from. It’s much more difficult for them to harm you or attack you if you protect yourself.

It’s actually very easy to do! Practice this little exercise every single morning: Imagine a beautiful golden white light above your head spreading through your crown all the way down through your body. First on the inside, then on the outside. And when you finished that, you start spreading this energy of protection all around you. Like an egg. You do this on the left and right side, on the front side and the back side, until you’re nicely surrounded by a golden white “energy egg shield”. Nice and cozy, warm, safe and protected.

Make sure you cover it all! Because you definitely don’t want any leaks in your invisible shield of protection. So don’t be impatient please. Really take your time to do this first thing in the morning. It’s more important than your coffee, email, etc. Then when you’re done, go take a nice shower and imagine that all negative and nasty stuff that’s hiding in your field, goes out along with the water.


How to deal with being an empath: Dealing with Empath Stress…

Because many empaths are easily overwhelmed and anxious, you are at high risk to suffer from empath stress. Which in simple words means you’re always in a state of fear and/or anger (and related emotions and feelings). Stress once was meant to help you survive. It’s a survival skill. In case of real danger it’s a very helpful thing. But not to live like that on a daily basis.

Stress is always based on fear (because of the survival instinct to run) or anger (the survival instinct to fight). If you’re suffering from empath stress you NEED to learn how to manage it. And that is easy. It all starts with awareness!

Here is a nice exercise to recognize your unique stress symptoms and how they enter your body: Sit down, close your eyes, and turn inside. Now remember a situation in your recent past (like today or yesterday) in which you felt fearful, angry, frustrated, etc. And be aware of what’s happening in your body. Where in your body do these feelings enter… And where do they stack up? Just observe, no judging here.

Then repeat to yourself, while taking a long and deep breath: “Be calm…. relax…” And imagine the energy leaving your body. Back into space where it once came from. Repeat this exercise every single day! It only takes about 10 minutes to do. You will greatly benefit from it!


Be Aware of the Empath Stress Signs

Throughout your day be aware when you feel the stressful signs enter your system again. And when you feel that, close your eyes for a few seconds and repeat: “Be calm…. relax…”. Take a few deep breaths. Say in silence: “Calm… calm… calm…” And imagine yourself being calm and resourceful.

It doesn’t matter if your conscious mind believes it or not. Just do it. You can do this anywhere. With this technique you program your unconscious mind to slow down and relax. Your conscious mind believes everything you put into it. It cannot distinguish fantasy from reality. So play and be creative. You can fantasize about being calm and strong. Just imagine it. You’ll be surprised how good you are at this. It’s fun as well. And it will help you big time. You will soon feel so much better!


How to deal with being an empath: Connect with other Empaths

Okay, you feel lonely and misunderstood. I really get that. Because I’ve been there. And what really helped me is connecting with other beautiful empaths who understand each other. You will feel so much more supported. It helps big time if you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

Maybe you wonder where to find people like you. Usually you don’t meet them on your way to work or in the shopping mall. Luckily nowadays we’re blessed with the worldwide web. The internet is such a blessing! There are plenty of online forums, groups, etc. where you can reach out and meet people like you.


Tip: Subscribe to my YouTube channel. You will meet like minded Soulful Creators like you. Click here to go to my channel and become a part of my beautiful family.


How to deal with being an empath: Connecting with the Universe

Another cause of feeling lonely is that you live with the paradigm that you’re separated from life. Living in How to deal with being an empath: Connecting with the Universeseparation is like living a 24/7 nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The solution is reconnecting with life. Feeling the Oneness again with the Universe, the Divine, God, Source or whatever name you give it. This higher Divine Power, that we’re all part of, is pure and unconditional Love. And this is the secret key to open the door and become One with it. Love!

Meditation is an excellent way to become One with your Divine nature. You don’t have to make it so complicated. It is very easy and won’t take much time. Practice this exercise on a daily basis for 15 to 20 minutes and enjoy the results:


Connecting with Love

  • Sit quietly and make sure your phone is off. Lighting a candle, incense and soft relaxing music in the background are perfect. Close your eyes and turn within.
  • Take 10 slow and deep breaths and do it this way: Breathe in for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 4 seconds, breathe out in 4 seconds and wait 4 seconds before you take your next deep breath. If possible make it a nice belly breath. This way of breathing makes sure you calm down. And your thoughts will silence
  • Put your left hand on your heart space and put your right hand on top of it. Breathe slowly and deeply in the rhythm you like. Make sure you breathe deep (not high in the chest!)
  • How to deal with being an empath. Practice Unconditional Love like the monkey baby in the pictureNow remember a time you were Loved and/or you shared Love. It might be with a Lover, a child, your favorite pet, or just that loving connection with a stranger. It doesn’t matter as long as it triggers feelings of Love for you. Soak into it. See the images through your mind’s eye. And maybe you hear sounds and/or smell what you smelled… Make the picture as vivid as you can. Some people are not so visual and simply know it or perceive this memory in their own way. That’s all perfect. You can’t go wrong here!

If no pictures, images, etc. pop up or you can’t recall anything, simply repeat the word “Love” over and over again.

  • Now when you are soaking in this Love, make it 10 times bigger. Just fantasize it. And feel how strong and powerful your Love energy becomes when you do this. Then make it even 100 times bigger and feel what happens…
  • Stay in that Loving vibration. Enjoy it. Let it fill up all your fibers, all your organs, your skin, your joints, your muscles, all your chakras, and all energy bodies around you. Imagine this beautiful Love vibration penetrates deep in your cells, molecules and even in your atoms. You don’t have to know how that’s possible. Simply imagine it. Feel it. Or experience it in your own beautiful way.
  • And just be in this vibration, connect with it. Welcome it. Allow it to heal you and make you feel One. Know that this beautiful Love vibration is your secret alignment with your Divine Source You are One with that Source. Because you are part of it.
  • When you feel you’re done, slowly open your eyes, stretch your arms and legs, shake your body a little and notice the difference. Drink plenty of water and continue what you were doing and/or want to do. It can be helpful to take a walk in nature and carry the vibration you’re in with you when you do. It will empower the effect of your Love Connection.


How to deal with being an empath: Raise your Vibration

My last tip for you is about vibration. Now vibration is an energy thing. And you probably heard about it. In short: Your vibrational frequency is the sum of your thoughts, feelings/emotions, what you say and your actions. For example when you think a negative thought it simply doesn’t feel good. It might feel depressing. When you feel that way you act upon that. So maybe you grab chocolate to make it go away. Or you hold your head down and can’t do anything. If you happen to meet people, you will share stories that are in alignment with what’s going on inside…

This creates your vibration. And this vibration has a frequency. It can be a high frequency because of high vibrational thoughts and feelings (Love, Joy, Peace, etc.) or low vibrational thoughts and feelings (depression, fear, anger, frustration, etc.). In this Universe we have the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction states that “like energy attracts like energy”. It will attract things that are in alignment with what you broadcast. You’re broadcasting your vibrational frequency.

So when you feel bad as an empath, you meet all kinds of people, circumstances, situations, challenges etc. that are an exact match of what’s going on inside. This will amplify what’s already there. And in this example that is not what you want. So it is very important to change your frequency. You want to keep your vibration as high as possible.


How to deal with being an empath: Work with Intentions

First of all: to raise your vibration, monitor your thoughts! It all starts with what you think. Your thoughts are energy. And thoughts start in your consciousness. Not in your brains. Your brain is only the translator of the thought energy. It comes up with words that best describe the thought vibration in your consciousness. Depending on whether you think a thought that feels good or a thought that feels bad, you raise or lower your vibration.

To change the way you think it’s a good idea to start working with intentions. Intentions are about how you want to feel. They are not affirmations. Affirmations are more definite statements, like “I am happy”. But the issue with that is that your subconscious mind doesn’t believe you. This creates resistance.

An intention would be something like: “I want to feel happy during my breakfast”. Or: “I want to feel energized while starting my day”. Nor your conscious and/or your subconscious mind will have a problem with that. So there is no resistance. You will start aligning more with what you want. Which quickly changes your vibration.

Intentions are always focused on the positive. So please don’t state an intention like: “I don’t want to feel depressed”. Because your subconscious mind and the Universe don’t know the difference. Your focus word is on depression. Instead it’s better to state it this way: “I want to feel Joyful and happy”. Do you feel the difference?


How to deal with being an empath: Eat & drink healthy

How to deal with being an empath: eat and drink healthy, on the picture you see healthy salad ingredients like tomato and letuceYou must take good care of yourself and practice Self Love. Part of that is eating clean, organic foods. Like fresh organic vegetables, salads, fruits, nuts, etc. And also drink plenty of water. Water cleanses your body, but not only that. It also cleanses your energy bodies. Drink pure water please. The best quality you can get. Don’t drink tap water. Personally I filter my water. That’s the best option I have where I live. Distilled water would be even better, but it’s kinda hard to get this over here.

Please eat as much organic foods as you can. This is important. Foods and drinks have vibrations too! You become and are what you eat. Sounds familiar?

Stay away from things like sugar and chemicals your don’t need. It’s bad for your health and drains your energy. If you crave sugar then replace the sugar for proteins. You will be amazed that proteins will help better than candy. Eat light proteins like yogurt or cheese.

If you drink alcohol, that’s fine. But please moderate your alcohol intake. Don’t drink more than 1 glass a day and also create non alcohol days. Many empaths drink as a form of self medication. It suppresses their sensing and feeling abilities big time. But only on a temporary basis. I’ve done that too. It was a horrible time. I stopped drinking as my inner guidance was showing me the way. And I’ve never felt better ever since. I’m not an alcoholic. It doesn’t mean I will never drink again. But for now I prefer (herbal) tea instead.

You don’t need any substances to make you feel better. The idea that they make you feel better is an illusion. Good feelings start with good feeling thoughts, meditation, relaxation, stress management and so on…


How to deal with being an empath: Raise your Vibes with Mother Nature

As an empath it’s important to reload and replenish yourself. One of the best ways to do so for empaths is to be in nature. It might be a beautiful park, a forest, the beach or wherever it’s quiet and you can connect with Mother Earth. Just walking there and/or sitting under a tree or in the grass or sand, etc. is a healing experience. It will also help you become and stay grounded!

It also assists you in feeling your connection with life. Mother Earth doesn’t judge you. She’s unconditional. You can be you and feel accepted. Go out in nature as much as possible. Once a day would be great. Even if it’s only for 15 minutes or so. But the longer the better of course!


How to deal with being an empath: Music and dancing

Music helps you big time to switch your mood to one that feels much better. Listening to music is also a great way to express your emotions. Even when they’re sad emotions. You don’t want to swallow them. They need to come out! So listen to music to either feel better or help you express suppressed feelings and emotions.

If you listen why not dance, jump or move around while doing so. This energizes you and you will start tingling and feel so good! Do this every single day!


How to deal with being an empath: How do you experience being an empath?

One article doesn’t cover it all. I very well realize that. But if you follow up on my tips you will improve the way you feel. You are blessed with a beautiful gift. And I will support you in future articles to train and develop that.

I am curious about your situation. Are you an empath? How do you experience being one? Do you have questions? Or maybe you want to connect with other empaths. Feel free to do so by leaving a comment below this article. I encourage you to do so. And I will personally reply to all your wonderful comments, promised!

Was this article helpful to you? Then please feel free to share it with your Loved ones, on social media, etc. Spread the goodies. Thank you for doing that. I want to help as many people as possible. Sharing is caring and will bless you big time! You receive what you give. What you give comes back to you multiplied.

I say: Power to the Empaths! Will you join me?

Much love,



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4 Replies to “How to Deal with Being an Empath: Embrace Your Gifts!”

  1. Hello Anja! Great to get in contact with you and your webpage! My name is Joe and I am definitely an empath going through a major shift right now and want to say that your page has greatly helped to keep myself grounded. I also work with audio design and I was interested in making videos like you do. Any advice for someone starting out? Any chance we could schedule a meet up for some tea to discuss things?

    1. Hi Joseph, Thanks for your comment. I’m so glad to hear my empath article helped you. Great to hear you’ve got the intention to start creating videos. I highly recommend it, but okay, it’s my passion so I’m not 100% objective here 😉 I guess you’re not living in the Netherlands? So schedule a meet up would be bit of a problem. But we can have a meeting on Skype if you like. If you would like that I’m happy to schedule one with you. Click here to contact me. Have a great day!

  2. Hi Anja,

    My name is Melissa and I am a struggling empath. I have not quite accepted I am an empath due to my logical mind it has been a challenge to the point where a few days ago I was about to deny being an empath. I am not quite sure on how to move forward from this and get the logical mind to stay at bay until I can better understand what is going on. I came across your webpage and started reading it and was like that is me and am hoping you can help me to get back on the right path.

    1. Hi dear Melissa, sorry for getting back so late. Thank you for sharing your experience so far. I think many people can relate to what you share. I sure can! And it’s a natural process to unfold. Do you meditate? Because meditation silences down the logical mind and connects you with your true self, your “higher self”/”inner being”/soul. You can comfort yourself by being loving to yourself and telling yourself you don’t have to know what to do right now. In time the way will be shown to you, I can promise you that. You’re on the perfect path already, even when it doesn’t look like you are, trust upon the fact that all in life has a meaning. Nothing is coincidence and you’re on a beautiful journey. Even when times are a bit tough every now and then!

      Much Love,

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