How to Start Your Spiritual Journey Right Now

How to Start Your Spiritual Journey Right Now

How to start your spiritual journey: this young woman is sitting at the water reading and discovering her own spirituality. Are you asking yourself how to start your spiritual journey? If you do, it’s a sign you already started it. Especially in the beginning it can be confusing. Don’t understand me wrong here: the spiritual journey is a beautiful one. And it’s very exciting as well.

But on the other hand you go through a lot of shifts as well. Maybe you don’t understand what is happening to you. I totally get that. There are ways to make your life easier when you’re going through all these spiritual shifts. It doesn’t have to be very painful if you have the right tools. Actually: you can enjoy the journey!

I remember very well when I went through the start of my own spiritual journey. Back in those days there wasn’t much understanding about spiritual stuff. People thought that when you were a sensitive person, you were somewhat nutty. And some even called me crazy. Even my parents thought there was something wrong with me. And that was because people didn’t understand much about it in those days.


How to Start Your Spiritual Journey from where you are right now…

When you discover you’re going through a spiritual awakening you might wonder what to do. You might feel the need to do all kinds of stuff. Like there is an immediate need to do so. But this is an illusion. You are definitely not in a hurry.


How to Start Your Spiritual Journey when you Feel so Isolated…

How to Start Your Spiritual Journey: feeling isolated... The little island with 2 small palm trees in the ocean pretty much symbolizes how I felt as a spiritual being in the middle of her awakening process...I am sure it was not meant to be cruel! People were just a bit fearful for the unknown. I realize this now I’m older. But going through it was tough. I’m talking about 40 years ago. There was no internet. In the library were maybe a few dozen books about metaphysics and that was it. And they definitely didn’t have titles like: “How to start your spiritual journey”!

People were not open to spiritual things. So spirituality was sort of a big taboo. And it made me angry and I felt so sad that people just didn’t get it. They didn’t understand me at all. And this hurt me a lot when I was a kid. It also made me doubt myself. I often wondered whether I was crazy or not. Although I knew there was nothing wrong with me on a mental level.

On the contrary: I was an intelligent child!

So you can probably imagine that I felt really alone back then. All by myself. I felt different and isolated from the rest. Like there was something wrong with me. Can you imagine how that must have been! Being a young girl all by herself and being super high sensitive. I was and am an empath! And oh yeah, I was able to read energy too. I still am by the way.

I remember seeing energy and vibrations, auras, etc. since I was really little. When I was 3 years old or so I already perceived those “energy bubbles/balls”. They looked like bubbles! To me it was (and is) normal. And it was a big shock when I found out that I was pretty much the only one that had these abilities. As a little girl I thought everyone could see energy and auras. I didn’t know what it was, I just could see it and sense it. Later on I learned what it was. But that took me a while!


Finding your way in the spiritual jungle…

Nowadays it all seems much easier to share your spiritual experiences with other people. The internet is a real How to start your spiritual journey: finding your way in the spiritual jungleblessing (but can be a curse as well). Because there is so much information and support available. You definitely don’t have to experience the loneliness that I went through as a little girl.

There are literally thousands and thousands of support groups, websites, videos, podcasts, etc. available where you can learn more and/or meet like minded people. But this abundance of information is on the other hand not always a blessing. Because there is so much information available, it can be quit confusing as well.

When you just realize you are spiritually gifted, you will have tons of questions and doubts. And although it’s great the internet offers about everything you need, it can still be a dark and lonely jungle as well. Lots of information is sort of fake information. Or it’s not complete. Or it doesn’t align with what your heart/intuition tells you. Where do you start? Who can you trust? What is true and what isn’t? And what about following your inner guidance? This can be pretty nasty too for “beginners”!


These are all questions that you might have right now…

And probably much more. Even though it’s more accepted right now to be a spiritual person, you might also still experience feeling different. You might even feel lonely and confused. And I want you to know this is normal. There is nothing wrong with you.

It’s all part of the spiritual awakening process. Not the fun part though… I won’t sugarcoat it for you. But still it’s something every person that has a spiritual awakening goes through. And it helps a lot to realize you are not alone in this. Many more people go through the same as you do right now. Although I very well understand that it maybe feels like you are the only one. Especially in the beginning. That’s why it’s important to learn how to start your spiritual awakening the right way…

Do you have questions? Feel free to leave a comment below!


How to Start Your Spiritual Journey: the Importance of Meditation

How to start your spiritual journey: the importance of meditation. The person in this picture is meditating outsideMeditation is an essential part of your spiritual journey. Because through meditation you learn to listen to your inner wisdom. It opens channels to perceive that beautiful voice of your intuition. Intuition is the way your Soul/Higher Self speaks through you.

It might be a soft voice. Your inner wisdom has lots of ways to communicate with you. It might be through feelings, emotions, physical sensations and so on. Or sudden insights. Pictures you see. Or you perceive smells, sounds, etc. It’s different for everyone. We are all unique beings. And so are you. Honor this!

Meditating is not so hard and/or complicated as it might seem to you (although it can be, you decide). Personally I Love to keep things simple. Why complicate matters when there is no need for that!

There are many ways to meditate. Like simply sitting in a comfortable position, with your spine and shoulders straight (but not stiff!) is a great start. And then close your eyes and start breathing slowly, deeply and rhythmically.

So you breathe in while you for example count slowly to 3… Then you hold your breath for another 3 seconds… You breathe out in 3 seconds… And then you wait 3 seconds before you breathe in again.


Meanwhile you set the intention to turn within…

To become silent and distract yourself from all those thoughts and voices in our head. When you experience a lot of thoughts while you give it all to relax and breathe, simply observe them. But don’t pay any attention to them. Think of them as if the thoughts are voices of guests in your house. They are talking and rambling about all kinds of things. But they are not who you are. Just observe and focus mainly on your breathe. It’s okay to hear them. But don’t get distracted by them.

That’s a great trick that helped me to learn how to meditate. Simply focus on counting your breaths, while you slowly and deeply breathe in and out. The thoughts will definitely disappear. Or won’t bother you so much anymore.

Don’t be harsh and/or cruel to yourself when you can’t meditate perfectly right from the start. It takes time to learn it. Be disciplined to follow through.


Meditate at least 20 minutes a day

Or even better: 2 times a day for 15 to 20 minutes. In the beginning you might get distracted while meditating. Or that nasty voice in your head tells you that you’re not in the mood… Don’t listen to it. Simply be determined to meditate at least once a day.

That’s all you need. And it will do you so much good. You can’t even imagine how awesome it is to develop a daily meditation practice. This is an essential part of your daily spiritual practice.

Of course you might like to experiment. You could try guided meditations, mindfulness, or simply go on a fun search for other ways to meditate. There will be one or more that are a perfect fit your you! There is not one right way to do this. You are unique remember!

Don’t let anyone (not even me) force you into anything. You know yourself best. At least your Inner Wisdom does. And this is who you really are… The spiritual journey is unique for all of us. What works for someone else might not work for you. And what works for you, might not work for your friends…


How to Start Your Spiritual Journey:  You are not Alone!

You are Not Alone This lion on a tree branch looks you in the eyes to tell you that!In the beginning of this article I already mentioned that inner voice. Or call it inner guidance. It’s you’re intuition guiding you remember. Your Soul/Higher Self is always there for you!

The problem is that we often don’t listen. We don’t hear the “soul whispers”. Many people on the spiritual journey are confused. Especially in the beginning. It takes some practice to learn to trust this inner advisor that is always there for you…

Your Soul/Higher Self never judges you. It’s pure and unconditional Love, always willing to guide you and support you. Your Soul/Higher Self respects your free will. And it will always give you gentle signs. Forever patient waiting for your response, but never ever pushing you.

This Soul communication takes place through your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is also called the Universal Mind. And the beauty is that your Soul/Higher Self always wants the best for you. It’s your faithful and loyal friend. Your inner guidance is pure, Loving, neutral and knows everything. It’s your direct connection to Source. To the Divine energy that we all are part of. It’s who you really are.

Because you are not your body! Your Soul/Higher Self knows this already!

And it wants you to become aware of it as well. But it will never ever push you when you’re not ready. And it won’t force you into anything. Your inner guidance knows and respects you like nobody else. No matter what happens. And no matter what you say, think or do, it’s there for you. Forever guarding you. Watching over you. And protecting you all the way.

This awesome Soul connection is one of the beautiful discoveries you’ll find on your spiritual journey. The best one! Once you reconnect on your Soul level, you will never feel alone. And your beautiful Soul is with you forever. It will never ever leave you. Remember this when you’re going through a hard time.


How to Start Your Spiritual Journey: learn to hear your Inner Guidance

That’s why meditation is so important. Because to be able to hear the Loving voice of your Soul/Higher Self, you need to be silent from within. Otherwise there is no chance you are open to the messages.

Another important thing is to learn to Love yourself. Through the energy of Love you align naturally with your Soul. Because your Soul/Higher Self is pure Love. It’s your Source of wisdom, Light, support, knowledge and strength. But if you don’t Love yourself, you will have a hard time to connect to your inner guidance.

How to Start Your Spiritual Journey: Love Yourself More (video)How to Love Yourself: Loving yourself is important. The girl on this picture with blond long hair knows this. We should teach our children to love themselves. It's your number 1 priority!

Loving yourself is, besides meditation, an important part of your spiritual journey. I created a video on YouTube about how to Love yourself, which you can find here


You can always talk to your Soul/Higher Self/Inner Guidance!

In silence, out loud, through writing… Even through singing. And while meditating of course. It will always hear you and take you serious. Because it supports you 100% no matter what.

Your Soul always knows the bigger picture. So it also respects your so called “mistakes”. We all make them. Don’t worry about it and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Your mistakes are your greatest teacher! By no means it’s a reason to judge yourself. Mistakes are essential for your spiritual growth. If you don’t make them, your growth will stop. And that is not what you want!


How to Start Your Spiritual Journey: Write “Soul Letters”

It’s a bit like journaling, or actually it is exactly that. I simply sit down, quiet myself by closing my eyes, breathing and turning within. When I feel the connection I simply start writing. Sharing my thoughts. Asking my questions. Or let spirit come through my writing. It is that simple. And the beauty of this is, that you can do the same.

All you need to do is start the process and the words will follow

Your insights will appear like magic. As long as you are willing to be open to receive. This starts simply by setting an intention to be willing. That’s all you need to do.

It will take you some practice to open the spiritual channel(s) through writing, but it’s worth it. I am grateful I found this simple practice to open myself up for Divine wisdom. The wisdom within. That voice of who I really am. And so are you. We are Divine Spiritual Beings. All wisdom is within. It’s up to us to connect with it. To align our energy vibration with that of our Soul.

This way you can develop a wonderful friendship with the eternal consciousness that you really are. It will change your life and is a great start of your spiritual journey. Another essential spiritual practice.


How to Start Your Spiritual Journey: Trust Your Beautiful Inner Being

As long as you keep searching. Never stop searching for answers within. You are the Source of Divine Wisdom. Don’t be afraid. Allow this knowledge to come through. In your own way. Don’t procrastinate! Because the time you have living in the body you experience right now is limited. Don’t waste your time dear one! You are too precious.


How to Start Your Spiritual Journey: Live in the moment!

Live each moment as if it’s your last minute. Live fully and completely. Deeply in Love with live and grateful for your experience. That’s how your life is meant to be! Be Loving (starting by Loving YOU), patient, hopeful, courageous and disciplined. Have faith in you and in your Higher Wisdom!

There is so much support and Love for you once you learn how to really turn within! Peace and silence are already there. It’s up to you to align with this beautiful energy. You decide. You can feel good, even when you’re going through hard times. Realize that the main goal in life is to enjoy it! You don’t need outside sources, because the power lies within you!


How to Start Your Spiritual Journey: realize who you really ARE!

In this world of duality people are often confused about their true identity. Many (the big majority) are “sleeping” and identify themselves with their body and the so called physical reality. They are looking for answers outside of themselves. But this is an illusion! There is no such thing. All there is, is your eternal consciousness. Pure and Divine. That is you on the Soul level. And it’s your TRUE identity!

Therefore it’s important to think positive. Many people have very negative and destructive ways of thinking and speaking. You create your reality with your thoughts. And therefore it’s important to learn how to become aware of your thoughts. And change them if they are not focused on what you want. Or how you wish to feel.

I learned the art of positive thinking many years ago and I practice it now on auto pilot. It is important that you do the same dear Soul! Don’t focus on the drama you experience around you. Turn within and think thoughts about what you want and how you wish to feel. Life really is beautiful if you want to see it this way. You can be happy no matter what.


Yes, you will also go through hard times

Feeling down, anxious, confused, even depressed. I go through those moments myself as well. We are living in a human Going Through Hard Times is part of your spiritual journey: this girl with a painted face has a heart for you to show you Lovebody, with a human experience. Going through hard times or having a hard moment is part of life. But the good news is that we don’t have to identify with these off times. When I go through suffering, I remind myself of who I really am.

It’s absolutely normal to have sad, angry, etc. moments. But staying in these moments is not normal. Cry, shout, do whatever you feel you need to do to get rid of those negative thoughts and feelings. We all fall every now and then. But the true spiritual warrior practices rising up again. And above all: to continue the spiritual journey. It’s part of growing. It’s the path of spiritual awakening!


When shit hits my fan I always say:

“I can’t wait to see what good will come from this experience”. This causes an immediate shift in my thinking. And therefore in my emotions and feelings. I’m not a victim of my circumstances and the same goes for you. We are warriors. Brave, courageous, happy warriors. That should at least be your number one intention. Be willing is good enough. Your intention will set the vibration in motion!

Overcome the drama of life. Welcome whatever challenge or situation crosses your path. You’re on a wonderful journey! Make it your priority to enjoy the journey. And know that the destination is not fixed. You probably will never be “done”. We are eternal consciousness.


How to start your spiritual journey? Start with this right now!

Close your eyes. Breathe deep. Turn within and ask for guidance. Don’t expect anything. Simply be open to receive in whatever way you get it. And even when you’re not aware of it, know that the guidance is always there. On a conscious level would be great. But on a subconscious level is perfect too. You are learning. Enjoy the process.

I hope you found this article helpful. There is a lot to say about the spiritual awakening process. And one article won’t cover it all. Make sure to come back to this website, where my passion is to support and empower your greatness. I will publish many more articles to help you on your way. Namaste!


How to Start Your Spiritual Journey: What about You? (Please comment)

Comments anja 1111Feel free to ask questions below in the comments. Or share your own experience(s) with your spiritual growth and awakening. Do you like the journey so far? What are your challenges? I would Love to hear from you. Thank you so very much. Take care and have a wonderful time!

Anja 1111Much Love,


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