Inner Guidance: How to Trust the Wisdom Within You

Inner Guidance: How to Trust the Wisdom Within You

Following your Inner Guidance sets you free. Learn how. The wise owl in the picture encourages you to start the journey within, back to who you really are beautiful soul!Within you and me and everyone lies a beautiful pearl of wisdom which is called your Inner Guidance. It is your connection to the Divine You. Your Inner Guidance is your place of Power and your way to freedom.  And it is so important to discover this amazing gift you have. It makes sure that you don’t have to depend on external forces. Because you don’t need them. All wisdom, all knowledge, all you ever want and need to know is inside you.

But most people have been programmed to follow others. To listen to authority figures. This can be parents, teachers, your boss,  members of the government and so on.

In spiritual communities people often reach out to guru’s, thought leaders, coaches, etc. And sometimes it’s perfect to get a little support. But it’s never meant to be that you depend on others. Because this makes you weak and powerless. You really don’t want that.

It is why so many people feel weak, feel like life is happening to them. And why they like forever feel that they need someone to tell them what to do. Or how to think. How to walk, talk, etc. So many people feel completely dependent on sources from outside. And this simply doesn’t feel good. It feels like you’re a slave. And to be honest: most people are a slave of society. Because their lives are ruled by what they hear and read in the media, online, from people around them, and the list goes on. When you live like that, life isn’t yours anymore.

Inner Guidance and Wisdom Video on YouTubeWisdom, Knowledge & Understanding: Connecting with Your Inner Guidance

You can only be successful in life when you follow your Inner Wisdom. That deep knowledge inside that gives you clarity and understanding. In this video video on YouTube I explain why and how to do it. Discover the keys to living in Soul Alignment! Click on the picture or the link below to watch it. Enjoy!

You have great Wisdom inside Yourself  (video)


Connecting with your Inner Guidance sets you Free!

It is absolutely amazing when you allow yourself to hear that wise inner voice inside you. When you have the courageFollowing the Inner Guidance from your Soul starts right here and now. It is your I AM. And you are it NOW.... to dive in and listen to it. This is like escaping from prison. Oh yeah, I know it can be scary to consult your inner wisdom. You may feel insecure. All kinds of voices in your head start spreading doubt and anxiety about whether or not it is true.

I remember this from my own spiritual journey. You feel so insecure because you’re not used to it. And you’re still stuck in the old belief that you need others to give you orders, tell you how to do things, etc. You’re not so used to be active and find answers from your Soul.


Because that is what your Inner Guidance is:

it’s your Soul speaking. Through intuition for example. Or simply through a deep inner knowing. Both are the “languages” of your Soul. It’s not in your head. Your inner guidance is not communicating through the rational channel. But it does through your feelings. And through your emotions. It’s always there guiding you.

For example when you don’t feel so well, you can be assured that it’s your Inner Guidance letting you know that you’re out of alignment. Out of alignment with the real you. You are not your body, although you live in one. But the real you is the eternal you. It is your eternal consciousness that is pure Source consciousness. That is who you really are! And Source/the Divine is always wise. Just like your Soul is. This is who you are. And your Soul wants you to always be connected, always be aligned with this pure Source energy.

But when you hide yourself behind the opinion of others, when you put your life in the hands of people you think are wiser or better than you, then it’s impossible for you to connect with the real you. You are being lived by outside forces, which always makes you feel unhappy. Because it’s not your true nature. Your true Soul Self wants you to know how strong you are. How Powerful you are. How wise you are.


Allowing your Inner Guidance opens the Flow to Source


Following your Inner Guidance means Alignment with the Source that you ARE.When you start by accepting that you have all wisdom, knowledge, understanding, etc. within you, things already start to change. Maybe it makes you a little nervous in the beginning.

Or maybe you’re doubtful whether or not it is your Inner Guidance talking to you. That is simply because you’re not used to it.



Following Your Inner Guidance & Stop depending on other’s opinions

Remember they are only opinions. Of course it’s okay to hear what others think. But you don’t have to listen to them. Feel inside if what others tell you feels good. It’s really that simple. Others, no matter who they are, have no right to rule your life. Especially not if it doesn’t resonate with you. And you always feel that. It feels good or not. Don’t make it complicated. You can feel it in your body. Or in your emotions and feelings. I encourage you to listen to them and take them serious!


Following your Inner Guidance means that You are Your Own Hero…

You don’t need another one. No matter who it is. If you want to experience true inner freedom, you need to take the first step. 

You could set an intention like: “From now on I’m willing to let go of the idea/belief that I need others to tell me what to do”. Or what about this one: “I wholeheartedly welcome my Inner Guidance, I allow it with Ease and Grace, with Love & Flow”.  And feel that it is so. This is important. You need to put all your beautiful Loving feelings in the intention. To make it real to you. That’s absolutely vital to your success!


Your Inner Guidance is Your Connection to Source

When you are willing to allow that Inner Guidance to take the lead, you immediately start connecting with Source, the Universe, the Divine energy. It starts flowing through you and as you. You will start feeling better, I can promise you that. After you survived the insecurity and doubt stage. And you can. You only need to be persistent and willing to go for it.

Never ever worry whether or not you are able to hear your Inner Guidance. Because you can. And it all starts by making that decision. Decide right here and right now that you from now on are willing to only focus on that pure wisdom from your Soul Self. It is that easy. Everything starts with taking a decision.


You have that amazing Power within you…

You have the Power to decide that you want to follow your own wisdom. And live by your insights, your intuition, your guidance from within. This doesn’t mean that you already 100% know how to do it and you don’t have to. But once you made the decision, and are determined to go for that, watch what happens.

Are You Ready to Follow Your Inner Guidance?The Universe will always support your decision, no matter what you choose to go for, to do, etc. Do you have the courage to decide to go for your Inner Guidance right now in this very beautiful moment? Even if you have no clue how to do that? I hope so!

Because let me share an awesome secret with you: The HOW is not important. You don’t have to know. All you need is to align with that decision to go for living as a free, independent beautiful person, that has all the wisdom inside.

It may take a while before you’re used to the idea and you can actually hear your Inner Guidance loud and clear. That is okay. Meanwhile enjoy the journey of discovery. It’s an amazing journey back to who you really are. No more confusion. And no more fake external wisdom. You are the only Source of knowledge inside yourself, only YOU know what matters to you!


Share Your Thoughts: follow your Inner Guidance & Leave a Comment 😉

Do you follow your Inner Guidance? Share your thoughts in the comments. I Love to hear from you!

Are you ready? Let me know your thoughts. Share your story. Or ask your questions. I am more than happy to answer them for you. I am not YOUR wisdom. But I Love to inspire you to go and seek inside. To really align with your Inner Guidance again! You’re so worth it. And I just know you can do it. We all can.


Don’t be afraid. Don’t let feelings of insecurity stop you. Stop paralyzing yourself. Take that first step… Let’s go for it!

Much Love,


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